My Communication Passport

Here you can find example Passports and supporting files.


Laura's Passport

Laura is 22 years old and has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS). This affects her in multiple ways. She has no concept of danger and requires one-to-one care. When she's in a good mood she likes to socialise, sing, and tell stories. She also loves carrying her handbag with her at all times.

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Daniel's Passport

Daniel is 22 years old and has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and mild learning difficulties (LD). This affects him in his abilities to learn new skills and to process complex social information.

His biggest wish is to lead a fully independent life. We hope his Passport will help him to one day reach that goal.

Calum's Passport

Calum is 16 years old and has Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy and ASD. He also has sensory and communication difficulties.

Calum had some difficulty finding the right support for his needs, you can read his full story (and its happy ending) by clicking on the links to the side and in the main menu.

Download Laura's Passport
Download Daniel's Passport Download Calum's Passport

The Template Guide

The Template Guide provides information on common tools you need to know about to edit the template. Additionally, there is information about each page & the kind of thing we have found helpful when building Laura's Passport. Some of this relates to content, some of it relates to presentation & accessibility of information.

Our Template

This template was created in Microsoft PowerPoint. Laura's Passport was not made using this program, but we've tried to make you a version that closely resembles what we have done which is also easy to edit and adapt. For explanations of the pages and text we've included, and guidance on how to make changes, check out the Template Guide.

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